Airborne Dispersant Delivery System (ADDS Pack)

Unit Description (English)

ADDS Pack. Deployed in C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft (5,000 gallons). Lease only, $2,000/day in service or $1,000/day standby.

Product Specifications

Serial Number(s) D-009
Dimensions 336x88x92 in / 853x223x233 cm
Weight 4540 lb / 2064 kg
Air Transport Equiv
Units in Stock 1 as of 22 Oct 2012
Type of Oil Effective With: II, III, IV
Environment: Ocean, Near Shore,
Price $30,000.00

Product Description (English)

Self-contained airborne dispersant spraying system designed for deployment in C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft. Dual centrifugal pump system. ADDS has a 5,500 gallon capacity. With an operational load of 5,000 gallons of dispersant per sortie, and at a planning standard of 1:40, approximately 200,000 gallons of oil may be dispersed with each load. Empty: 4540 lbs/2043 kg

Available for Lease only.   Includes PPE for 12 persons and spare parts in 3 Myton Containers.



Product Description (Spanish)

El sistema Aereo de Rociado de Dispersantes (ADDS)


Product Use

For use in large scale dispersant applications on oil slicks at sea.


Operational Considerations

C-130 or L100 Hercules aircraft is required with roller system removed. ADDS system is positioned with the centerline at Flight Station (FS) 527 in most Hercules aircraft. Crash barriers, 9g cargo net and ten - 25,000 pound cargo rings are installed IAW Beigert ADDS operating manual. Capable of 1 - 10+ gallon/acre dose rate; 100 - 600 GPM flow rates; 150 feet swath width at 150 feet altitude and 150 knots.

Requires additional crewmen from CCA to record and report spray data.



Price based on CCA Lease Agreement. Weight Loaded - 46,040. Oversize cargo requiring special handling.